January 2009 Throckmorton Tribune Article

Article text from the January 2009 Throckmorton Tribune Article:

In the livestock industry, castration is a vital part of herd maintenance and quality.  Batchler Manufacturing has created a tool that is helpful in maintaining the quality and maintenance that comes with being successful in the livestock industry.

The All-In-One castrator, docker and ear marker tool has been used by many farmers and ranchers. The tool can be used on cattle, sheep and goats. The tools are made of aluminum alloy and have been known to last up to 40 years.

The instrument is mechanically sound and has very positive feed back.  One customer lost his tool in a fire, and he stated that he had the tool since 1972 and had used it every year, and wanted to purchase another one.

The All-In-One tool was invented by W. H. Batchler around 1933. When the business was in Throckmorton, the employees who worked for the Batchler Ranch would also work for Batchler Manufacturing to keep income coming to their families.  The All-In-One Tool has been passed down from one generation to another with James M. Batchler, III purchasing it in 2003.   W.H. Batchler’s love for inventing created the family business.

He invented the gooseneck trailer but was told it would never sell. He also created the bump gate that can still be found on the King Ranch.

James M. Batchler II, better known as J.M. and his wife, Bui owned and operated Batchler Manufacturing as the 3rd generation and kept the family business going.

There were two types of All-In-One Tools up until September 1994 when James M. Batchler II, made the decision to stop producing both instruments.

The #1 tool was made as a full castrator, docker and ear marker with a V-notch to ear mark. J.M. Batchler was the last generation who actually knew how to make this part of the tool. The #1 became too costly to make and was discontinued.  The #2 All-In-One Tool can be used also for all three procedures.

Today, Jim and Darla Batchler, owners and operators of Batchler Manufacturing, produce a quality product and take pride in their work. Darla stated they have letters of recommendation from ranchers who have used the tools for many years.

She further stated they heard some terrible stories about the rubber band version from customers that called to purchase the All-In-One tool. Such as one lady said she had to leave her barn after banding several sheep because their cries were more than she could handle. With this instrument it is quick, easy, sanitary and sure.

Batchler Manufacturing continues to hand make each tool, one step at a time since 1933.